Our Tanzania Safari Guides

Ecological Wilderness Adventures provides best trained Professional Safari Guides who have many years of experience in planning and guiding successful safaris. Explore Tanzania Safaris with the world class Tanzania Professional Safari Guides and Hosts for your wildlife and wilderness experience. Get a unique and intimate experience of Tanzania’s spectacular wildlife and cultural heritage.

The success of your safari with us depends on your safari guide. He is your wildlife and wilderness expert and your host. You will be able to depend on him for wildlife spotting and identification and to know the habits of the animals and birds that you observe. He is a safe driver and aware of his responsibilities to you. He is the overall manager of your safari. Your guide has extensive experience and training in what he does and he is committed to your safari being a success.

The staff of Ecological Wilderness Adventures work as a team to coordinate, plan and deliver your safari. The team has many years of experience in planning and guiding successful safaris. The team has detailed knowledge of Tanzania wildlife, its habitat and its activities. Each member of the team makes a valuable contribution to the success of your safari. The safari developers, travel planners, hosts, guides, drivers, chefs and camp staffs all share an enthusiastic approach to their life in the bush – and that translates into success for your safari. Each member of the team accepts a personal responsibility for ensuring your safari is the best that it can be.

Brian Mengoriki

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Brian Mengoriki, EWA sAFARI GUIDE
Brian is a professional safari guide. He was born in the bush of northern Tanzania and grew up in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where his parents were employed. Early treks into the bush with his father, uncle and others began his wildlife education.As his bush adventures continued he developed a love of the wilderness that led him to choose a career as a safari guide. After completing his secondary education he enrolled with the Malihai Club of Tanzania to undertake their wildlife education courses. That training led him to be a freelance safari guide where he worked with several of the leading safari companies in Tanzania. Brian has more than 14 years of experience as a nature guide. He continues to improve his skill by attending a variety of training courses in eastern and southern Africa. He has an excellent knowledge of the animals, birds, insects, plants and geography of Tanzania. Brian is married and has two daughters , his hobbies include Birding and Wildlife Photography.

Tryphon Kappia

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Tryphon Kappia, EWA safari guide
Tryphon has been a safari guide with us since 2004. He has an excellent knowledge of the wilderness and its inhabitants. He takes great pleasure in showing our safari guests the amazing facets of Tanzania. He is an excellent host and is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and comfortable camp. Tryphon started his career with a diploma in Animal Science and Veterinary Care. That qualification led him to positions as a dairy and ranch manager. From those challenges he developed an interest in Tanzanian wildlife and started a new career in safaris. While he worked in logistics for a safari company he completed his guide courses. Now he is doing what he truly enjoys. His hobbies are birding and reading.

Gerard Solomon Lemunge

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Gerard Lemunge, EWA safari guide
Gerard is one of those safari guides with whom everyone connects. His easy humor and hearty laugh win you over every time, and then his sincere interest in wildlife and our protected areas comes through in the course of the safari. Gerard has the rare skill of balancing well-informed interpretive guiding with good natured sociability in all situations. Born and raised around Kilimanjaro after his secondary education he attended guide training for three years. Hi is very knowledgeable in flora and fauna, and ready to share what he knows with you.
Amir Shabani, EWA safari guide
Amir was born and raised in Oldeani area close to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. After his Wildlife training at the Wildlife college of Pansiansi he was employed as the ranger in the Conservation area where he served till mid 90’s where he decided he would like to work as the tour guide as this was his dream so he could share his wealth of knowledge with people visiting our Country. He worked with several reputable Companies before joining EWA. He is more specialized in birding but also excellent on animals and plants. He is a keen spotter as well.
Ken Whitten EWA Safari guide
Ken Whitten was born and raised in California. In 1971 he moved north to Alaska to attend graduate school, where he studied Dall Sheep in Denali National Park. Ken worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in the Aleutian Islands and as an environmental monitor during construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. He then spent over 20 years with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game doing wildlife research in interior and northern Alaska. Now retired, Ken enjoys woodworking, nature photography, and international travel. He has been on safari with Ecological Wilderness Adventures four times since 2007 and will join us again in 2014. Ken handles our banking in the US and can answer questions about what it’s like to travel with Ecological Wilderness Adventures. He is married and has two grown sons.